Windscreen Chip Repair Cairns

Mobile Windscreen Chip Repairs Cairns

Why replace when you can safely repair?

Got a windscreen chip? Whether you’ve been roughing it up off-road, got stuck behind a gravel-laden truck or simply picked up a chip from who-knows-where, getting it repaired is quick, easy and affordable!

You might not think it, but even a small chip can affect the safety of you and your family while out and about on Cairns roads. Not only can it affect the structural integrity of your windscreen, but even a small amount of pressure on the immediate area can result in an immediate and complete windscreen crack…imagine that while driving down the highway and you can understand what we mean!

Using a range of diagnosis and repair techniques, I'll be able to tell you, honestly and accurately, if your windscreen chip can be repaired or whether it’s safer to have your entire screen replaced.

Protect your vehicle value
When it comes time to sell, many vehicle owners don’t realise their vehicles won’t pass a roadworthy inspection without a clear and serviceable windscreen. 

Not only will it make selling your vehicle much easier, but in most cases, a windscreen chip repair can save you hundreds of dollars and a lot of time!

The same goes for your headlights; if you’re squinting at the road ahead while driving at night, it’s likely your headlight brightness won’t pass a roadworthy inspection either.

About me

Hi, I'm Chris Bottrell a Cairns local, born & bred.
I've run Windscreen Chip Repairs Cairns and have been working with autoglass since 1979, so I’ve pretty much seen it all! No matter the issue with your windscreen, wipers or headlights, I'll help get you back on the road safely, quickly and with minimum stress.

Give me a call today to find out more, or like my Facebook page for more photos of repaired and restored client vehicles.

So, how can I help?

As well as windscreen chips, I can also help you with other autoglass services including:

Wiper Blade Scratch Removal

When the rubber blade becomes worn or damaged it can fall off or disintegrate to the point that the steel arm of the wiper can scratch your windscreen. In some cases, this can leave large and unsightly scratches that can affect your field of vision, particularly at sunrise and sunset and with oncoming headlights. Ask me about removing these scratches, quickly and affordably.

Headlight Polishing

Scratched or hazy car headlights can be caused by dirt, pollution, oxidisation and exposure to harsh chemicals. Over time, this can build up to the point that driving at night becomes unsafe for both yourself and oncoming vehicles. I will be able to advise whether we can polish out this damage and will complete any polishing job to your timeline and budget.